Tropical Swaps

Tropical Swaps

Match images and solve puzzles with this fun and addictive game

In this puzzle game, you need to match sets of two or three pieces to form figures of animals. Every time you get a match, the image disappears and new pieces appear.
The game has three different modes: Endurance, in which you need to make as many matches as you can without letting your stacks to crash; the Action level, in which you need to complete a certain amount of matches within a certain time; and the Combo challenge, in which you need to match as many pieces as you can to complete larger images.

In general, the game is fun and addictive, since it has different levels in each mode, and those levels have an increasing difficulty, thus making it even more challenging.

The main drawback I found is that when you go to the checkout page, it adds a $2.95 registration backup fee, which allows you to recover your game in case of system failure, virus infection, or other problems. Although it can be a nice optional feature, this purchase is compulsory and is not included in the cost shown on the product's page. I found this very annoying.

You can play the shareware version during one hour. If you like the game and want to play it longer, then you will need to purchase a license, adding, of course, the extra fee I mentioned earlier.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is fun and addictive
  • It has three modes with many different levels


  • The company forces you to purchase a Registration backup service, so the final cost of the program increases
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